[OpenDHT-Users] Limit on size of return in get

Sean Rhea sean.c.rhea at gmail.com
Fri Aug 25 09:55:51 PDT 2006

On 8/25/06, Zahir Koradia <zahir.koradia at gmail.com> wrote:
> I wanted to know if there is any limit on the size of reteun of get.
> If I have a hundred values stored on a key, each value 1KB in size,
> how many values will be returned.

The limit is 1 kB per get, so you'll only get one value at a time.  If
that's too slow, the trick is to parallelize things by not storing all
your values under the same key.  Check the list archives for this
month; look for references to FileShare.

> I also wanted to know what are the differences between bambooDHT
> version 2 and version 3. I understand that remove was not present in
> version 2. If I used put and get from version 2 and
> remove from version 3 will it work? Of course I will use the modified
> put args for putting to include secret hash. If I migrate from version
> 2 functions(eg put_2()) to version 3 functions (eg. put_3()) and I
> have only used the get and put functions do I need to make any changes
> in the calls? Do I need to be aware of anything else?

A version 2 put is just a version 3 put with no secret hash, so you
can't remove it, but it's otherwise indistinguishable from a version 3

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