[OpenDHT-Users] Re: Transaction like capability in openDHT

Kannaiyan Natesan kannaiyan at innomedia.com.sg
Wed Aug 23 18:00:22 PDT 2006

Hi Sean,

Is there is a way to get the value which we put with a secret,


where S - secret hash for the value in that hash.

In that I can also differentiate whether that belongs to mine or to someone 


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> Zahir,
> Do you know that OpenDHT will store multiple values per key?  I think
> you can solve your problem like this: when a node A registers with a
> gateway G, that gateway does
>  put_removable(A, G, SHA1(S))
> where S is a secret chosen by G.  When A subsequently registers with a
> different gateway H, that gateway in turn does
>  put_removable(A, H, SHA1(T))
> where T is a secret chosen by H.  When a node B wants to route a
> message to A, it does
>  get(A)
> which returns [G, H].  B then picks one of G or H and contacts A
> through that gateway.
> If A later unregisters with G, then G does
>  remove(A, SHA(G), S)
> so that subsequent calls to
>  get(A)
> will return only [H].
> Does that not work for some reason?
> Sean
> On 8/22/06, Zahir Koradia <zahir.koradia at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I am working with the Tetherless Computing group at university of
>> Waterloo and am working on a routing protocol for Delay Tolerant
>> Networks. What I need is that when a Node registers its existence this
>> registeration message reaches multiple "gateways". All these gateways
>> will try to register this node in the DHT by making an entry in it. If
>> an entry for the node is already there then the gateway simply appends
>> its id to the entry. The entry will basically indicate the list of
>> gateways through which the node is reachable. Now if two gateways read
>> an entry together and then update it without knowing that the otehr is
>> working with it then only one of the two updates will be present
>> leading to incorrectness. What I want is that when a gateway plans to
>> update an entry it must be able to tell the otehr gateways that it is
>> working on that entry and that no one else touch it. If two people
>> send out the same message then a "collision" occurs and they need to
>> agree upon who among the two should go ahead. Currently I am trying to
>> use a group communication toolkit for the purpose but want to know my
>> options before I go ahead.
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