[OpenDHT-Users] Apache xmlrpc get requests

Kazuyuki Shudo shudo at computer.org
Mon Aug 21 19:55:05 PDT 2006

There is another choice named Bamboo Client. It is based on XML-RPC
while Put.java and Get.java in the Bamboo archive use ONC RPC (Sun
RPC). You find it in Overlay Weaver project

  Kazuyuki Shudo	2006 at shudo.net		http://www.shudo.net/

From: "kunal bedse" <kunalbedse at hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 12:44:54 +1000

> Yeah I downloaded the bamboo source code and saw that example...infact
> copy-pasted that code and it is still not playing nice :-( Thats why I was
> wondering if anyone had their own source code which they have gotten
> working.
> >From: "Kannaiyan Natesan" <gbpnkans at gmail.com>
> >To: "kunal bedse" <kunalbedse at hotmail.com>
> >CC: opendht-users at opendht.org
> >Subject: Re: [OpenDHT-Users] Apache xmlrpc get requests
> >Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 07:15:29 +0800
> >
> >Did you check out the examples from bamboo? I guess there must be some
> >jaava examples that comes along with that. Open DHT runs on Bamboo.
> >
> >Kannaiyan
> >
> >On 8/22/06, kunal bedse <kunalbedse at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >>Hi all,
> >>
> >>Here's my problem - apart from the fact that I'm an opendht cripple :) I'm
> >>using apache xmlrpc api to do a simple get request on opendht. Now, I have
> >>managed to figure out that the get request returns a vector, but for some
> >>odd reason I don't seem to be able to retrieve any data. The put request
> >>works fine but the get request is playing up. Does any one have any sample
> >>code for a get request in java...those C examples really don't help :(
> >>Thanks.
> >>
> >>Kunal...

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