[OpenDHT-Users] subsequent gets

Kannaiyan Natesan kannaiyan at innomedia.com.sg
Mon Aug 21 18:19:28 PDT 2006

That is acceptable.
How to recover the data which I dropped into the hash?
Can I use a secret key to retrieve data of mine which I dropped on to the 
opendht? I never seen such option.


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> On 8/21/06, Kannaiyan Natesan <gbpnkans at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Don't bother about the load you give to OpenDHT. It is upto them to
>> maintain the balance of the servers.
> Well, I am "them", and I can assure you we don't do any load
> balancing.  Instead, as outlined in the SIGCOMM paper, we fair-share
> the storage on each node across all clients, so to get the maximum
> amount of storage possible, you should balance your own load.
>> Think of a scheme, where you can split a file and store in a single
>> hash and retrieve the whole file from the single hash. It is an
>> example. Not sure whether you can use openDHT for filesharing
>> purposes.
> Why not store each block under a different hash, then store index
> blocks to help find them all, like the Cooperative File System (CFS)
> or bamboo.openhash.fileshare.FileShare do?  That way, you spread the
> load of the file across the DHT, and you're able to download many
> blocks in parallel, giving you the throughput you're looking for.
> Sean
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