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Notice of my intention to stop maintaining OpenDHT

OpenDHT is pretty creaky these days. It was the subject of my Ph.D. thesis in 2005, and as is often the case with Ph.D. theses, I've had little inclination to maintain it since then. The goal of the project was to nurture new uses of DHTs so that they would find mainstream acceptance. Now that Amazon is using DHTs (e.g., Dynamo), I feel like we've more than met that goal.

I could continue to leave it up, and continue not maintaining it, but doing so feels like a waste of everyone's time. It wastes other people's time as they consider using it, and it wastes my time responding to emails of people already using it.

Rather than have this situation continue indefinitely, I'm announcing today that sometime on July 1, 2009, I will take OpenDHT down.

For those of you that are currently using OpenDHT, the Bamboo code base that OpenDHT runs will remain available at You are free to set up your own instance on PlanetLab, and you're free to share that instance with others as you see fit. You're just not going to be able to share my instance any more.

The file src/bamboo/planetlab/openhash.cfg in the Bamboo source distribution is the configuration I use in OpenDHT. You should be able to modify it a little and be up and running in a day or less.

If one or more of you want to collaborate on running Bamboo (or anything else that accepts puts and gets) on PlanetLab port 5851, that would be great. I'll happily relinquish my claim to the port. This mailing list would be a good place to organize such a plan.

Sean Rhea
Sun, 3 May 2009 19:41:07 -0700

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